Most people in Swaziland like to travel by their cars rather than using the public vehicles. Despite the fact that the country is found on an Island, that does not prevent the citizens from owning private vehicles. The country has the smallest number of people within the continent, but with the high urge to spend on luxury. Most citizens grow with the aim of owning a vehicle one day in their lives. The urge has made them work harder to attain their target.

In a released report by NAMASA, Mercedes Benz has been excluded because of their irregular sales. According to the brand ranking, most people prefer Toyota followed by Ford, and the third is Nissan. Isuzu comes at number four then followed by Volkswagen. There are also other models preferred by a section of the population like Mazda at number six, Chevrolet as the seventh, and Hyundai and Land Rover at position nine and ten respectively.

If the model is what to go by then, Toyota Hilux still tops the list with a selling of 3.8 times more than the competitors. It’s then followed by the Ford Ranger despite dropping on its sales by 21%. The Toyota Fortune comes at number three with an increase in sale by 35% this is attributed to the young generation who are acquiring cars for the first time. The Toyota Etios and Toyota Corolla sales have dropped by 17% and 37% respectively. The Isuzu KB, Nissan NP200 and NP300 get into the top ten for the first time this year.