Financial constraints are forcing folks to look for ways that can make them survive to maintain their living standards. That has made many people venture into the restaurant business. Currently, there has been a mushrooming of restaurants some which don’t even meet the required health standards. Below are some of the classy restaurants in Mbabane, Swaziland.

Sibebe rock

The restaurant is situated 8km away from the town center.  Sibebe is the world’s second largest monolith after Uluru in Australia. Though it’s less visited, it delivers the best services to its customers.


The restaurant serves its customers with a variety of delicious meals. eDladleni offers customers an opportunity to get traditional food that is rare to find elsewhere. 

Ramblas restaurant

Ramblas is a short distance away from the golf course. The restaurant’s menu includes meat dishes, burgers, delicious dessert and a great salad.

Indingilizi gallery and restaurant

The restaurant is in a secretive place where one needs guidance from a local to locate it. Indingilizi only serves customers with breakfast, snacks and light lunch.

Albert Millin

Albert is a modern hotel that is preferred by most expats. The restaurant serves contemporary food like pizza, burgers, and grilled meat. The menu has a variety which caters for everyone.


The restaurant offers an excellent view of the Mbabane town. Cold drinks and coffee are just but some of the items found on the menu. The restaurant is connected with free Wi-Fi that can keep the customer patient while waiting to be served.

Riverside café

Most locals prefer the restaurant because of tasty food and good attendance by waiters. Riverside prepares pastries which give customers the urge to come for more.