The value of Bitcoin has sounded to be attractive to a good number of people globally. The cryptocurrency is presently valued at $13,600. That is almost the value of a car. Therefore, it means that one can use a single Bitcoin to buy a car. It is said that that is the kind of business taking place in the second-hand marketplaces. That is like Gumtree and OLX. Many sellers are risking by exchanging their valuable items with Bitcoin to gain a lot. The valuable items might include, cars, bicycles, and boats.

There was one seller who was selling a BMW X54.8i R17900 or in exchange for Bitcoin. That was in one of the second-hand marketplaces. Another person was willing to sell his Mercedes Powerliner 1729 truck for Bitcoin. In case one had Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin or Dash they could have taken the car. At times Volkswagens, rubber ducks, property or musical instruments are sold for a single digital currency. But some don’t see that as a safe investment.

Bitcoin is seen as a volatile investment. Cases where one sees a 50% increase in their investment they can as well end up with nothing. It is like gambling. So it depends on the seller if they are ready to take the risk. The risky part is that there will be no one who will be responsible for the loss. In cases where there are fluctuations in the value of the Bitcoin, the seller is the one who bears the loss.

That type of trade is taking shape at a higher speed, and that is expected to happen in many years to come. People are even tempted to put up their houses in an exchange with cryptocurrency. The advice is a trade with a lot of care. Remember the saying that says ‘when the deal is good to think twice’ all the time.