As at midnight, the price of fuel in Swaziland is set to decrease by $0.03 per liter. This is as a result of a decline too, in the price of oil. Unleaded petrol goes at $1.06 per liter. It will go down to $1.03. Paraffin as well, which is now going at $0.76 per liter, will soon be at $0.73 per liter.

On Thursday, in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy, the Secretary-General urged fuel consumers, however, not to get too excited about the price changes and consume sparingly.

In January 2018, she added that oil price was at $68 per barrel and had gone down to $65 per barrel by February.

The South African Rand has dominated over the US Dollar, and this has also been a cause for the development according to her.

The prices of fuel in 2017 went up by 2.5% twice. First time in January the once more in October.