To delineate which vehicles are most sought after by criminals one would need to have access to trustworthy records; one such source is a car tracking company called Ctrack. This organization has taken the step to publicize their tracking statistical data on car hijackings in South Africa; the data released represents a cumulative analysis of data collected from January to December 2016.

The passenger vehicle with the highest number of recorded hijackings is the Volkswagen Polo. The list in descending order of most hijacked car brands consists of: Volkswagen, seconded by Toyota and Ford in third. In terms of SUV’s the most highly targeted model by criminals is the Toyota Fortuner. The subsequent SUV brands sought after are those manufactured by Land Rover and Nissan. Trucks too have their own statistics; the leading brands hijacked are Nissan and Scania.

The South African Police service and insurance companies have often declined to comment on which vehicle brands are predominantly targeted by criminals; nevertheless other key stake holders within the vehicle industry have in the past revealed that the Volkswagen Polo, Toyota Fortuner and Hilux are among the most sought after by hijackers.

It’s important to note that the cars criminals often seek to hijack are the ones leading on the automobile market as best sellers; the vehicles occupying the top three spots as best sellers are also the top three vehicles targeted by criminals; namely the VW Polo, VW Vivo and Toyota  Fortuner.

Everyone desires safety from hijackings, some precautions to take include; when arriving at your destination especially in the evening, have someone else from inside your residence open the entrance rather than you leaving your vehicle by itself idling in front of your gate or garage; another option would be to have an automated gate. Another wise step is to change your travel routes from time to time making your movements slightly more unpredictable, furthermore avoid driving with windows wide open and lock the doors too. When you’re about to enter your vehicle try to ensure that no unauthorized person is in it, additionally when driving check your rearview mirrors from time to time to ascertain whether someone is on your trail or not if so navigate to a nearby Police station or active public location preferably with guards and cameras.

Arrive alive a driver safety organization conducted a research that showed that most hijackings occur between 5pm and 8pm, hence the need to be extra vigilant at these hours.