Do you remember how your car used to look like when you bought it? The fresh smell in the interior which was free from dust and stains? Clean carpet and clear headlights? 
If you really need to achieve this kind of cleanliness, then this article is meant for you. Indeed, the CarTsenga Team wants to help you taking care of your car so we searched for all the useful information to achieve effective cleanliness. And we even found some tips to help you save some money !


Before we get started, there are some facts you need to get straight as a car owner so as to do like a professional car cleaner:

1) You should park your car in the shade to avoid the water from evaporating fast when you are doing the cleaning. Also, you will prevent the hot sun from beating your car for long as cleaning will not take 10 minutes.

2) Ensure that everything you need for the cleaning process is within your reach. This will save you the time of moving from one place to another to get the water or cleaning powder.

3) Always close your windows when doing the cleaning to avoid the cleaning materials from getting into the inner parts of the car.

4) The radio antenna should always be retracted to prevent it from bending or breaking.

5) The windshield wipers should be up to avoid dirt and grease from accumulating at the base during the cleaning process.


There are various ways of cleaning your car on the exterior and interior:

Indeed, everyone can wash a car but not so many people know how to do it like a professional. If you want your car to achieve that clean and attractive look you have to clean the interior AND the exterior as the outside part of the car is what people pay attention to.

Step 1: Dryer sheets help in the removal of stuck bugs.

These sheets are really useful when it comes to removing the stuck bugs in order to have an impressive looking car. Before using them you have to spay the surface down before wiping.

Step 2: WD-40 works perfectly for the removal of bugs.

WD-40 is a substance that helps in the removal of the bugs that had been left to stand for a long time. Removal of bugs is achieved by the oily nature of this substance and its ability to work on the bugs. For one to effectively remove the bug, WD-40 is sprayed on the identified bugs and then left to stand for 10 minutes. However, as it is oily, this substance should not be applied on the car windshield or windows.

Step 3: Cleaning and rinsing water

Ensure that you have two buckets of water when cleaning your car as this will ensure proper rinsing of the car after washing it. Chances are that you will not be in a position to cause more scratches to the car when using clean water.

Step 4: Removing cloudiness using toothpaste.

Did you know you can remove the cloudiness in the headlights using the toothpaste? All you need to do is to apply the paste on the headlights and then rub it using a hard cloth.

Step 5: Rolling down your windows

Professional cleaners will always remember this tip when cleaning the cars. This helps in identifying areas that need more cleaning. Also, one is able to remove any dust that may have accumulated in the hidden parts.

Step 6: Clean your wheels with cleaning powder and water.

To have those shiny rims, all you need it to make a paste using the cleaning powder and water. Rubbing it after sometime leaves the rims very clean.

Step 7: Cleaning your wipers

As a professional cleaner, you can either use WD-40 or alcohol to remove the stubborn dirt that hides in the wipers. When using these two options, the cleaning takes place very fast and you can save time easily.

Step 8: Cleaning your car seats

A bristled brush is enough for reaching the dust from the hidden parts of the car seats. To achieve maximum dust removal, you need to have a vacuum within your reach to avoid transferring the dust to other places.

Step 9: Making the car dashboard to look new.

As you clean the dashboard, make sure that you do good-looking surfaces. Olive oil makes the dashboard to look new and it is a better option because you don’t need to use harsh chemicals.

Step 10: Microfiber for car ceiling

It’s no wonder that most people forget to clean the roof of their car when cleaning the exterior parts. Simply because not many people see the dust on car ceiling. As dust is trapped in the ceiling using a microfiber cloth will remove it effectively due to its ability to soak the dust.


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